What is Local SEO and how can it help my business? We get this question a lot at Revolution Interactive and I want to take a minute to talk about just one facet of Local SEO. For those businesses we work with that are in a small service area we immediately take a look or [...]

Should you use Joomla for Web Design?

We asked one of our developers...why do you still use Joomla for Web Design? Isn't everything made on WordPress? He quickly answered, "No, not everything is made on WordPress, and here are some reasons why." While WordPress may be the dominant CMS for web design having a large percentage of sites using it, it's [...]

SEO? Where do you start…

SEO...it's not when you start, but why you haven't! What's SEO? That's a common question we hear at Revolution Interactive. Search engine optimization is necessary for any online presence today. Building your reputation, your fan base, and your customers all starts with strong SEO. There are many ways to get the word out when [...]

Separation is in the Preparation

You know we had to do it. Take a motto from the Superbowl Champ Russell…last name Wilson. While these blogs will cover mostly Interactive Marketing topics, we feel it’s also important to share the basic principles that we practice here at Revolution Interactive.