We asked one of our developers…why do you still use Joomla for Web Design? Isn’t everything made on WordPress?

He quickly answered, “No, not everything is made on WordPress, and here are some reasons why.”

While WordPress may be the dominant CMS for web design having a large percentage of sites using it, it’s not the only one out there. There are some great functionalities built into Joomla that have can have great impact on usability depending on your site. Is this an exhaustive article of those features? No. Will you find some useful information here when making your decision? Yes.

If your site currently runs Joomla and you’re looking to make an upgrade this is a great time to weigh your options. Joomla is very good at managing large amounts of information: pages, content, a large number of navigation links. Organization is key within Joomla, and for those constantly creating and recreating, it has some wonderful features that help with keeping you on the right track and finding your way back.

Joomla has been around for a long time. It has a fervent following and a number of great extensions/plugins to ramp up your users’ experience. You can find one popular plugin to enhance the SEO of your brand new Joomla site and drive those eager users straight there. (By the way, interested in learning more about SEO and how we can help with that, contact us to find out).

Joomla also takes security seriously. That’s why you see some large brand names out there being built on it. Your information, your clients information, your customers information, all that is the most important and number one priority when doing anything on the web.

For you aspiring developers out there, you’ve got to learn this. Joomla is not going anywhere; it’s useful, your clients will ask about it or your clients will already have it. Have the knowledge to know the path to lead them on. Maybe it’s time to move away from Joomla, maybe it’s time to rebuild their site better and more user friendly and keep it on Joomla. You can’t answer these questions without knowing the key features and reasons why Joomla is the best choice for them.

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